Unique Gift Ideas

I love giving unique and thoughtful gifts but sometimes finding something original is hard to do.  I'm always trying to think of new ideas and of course Pinterest is always a huge source of inspiration.  I wanted to share some of the gifts I've done in the past with you.  The ideas include Sending Cheer, Birthday, Baby Shower, Going Away, Housewarming, Mailman, and Hostess Gifts.

First up is a Cheer Up Gift.  Every now and then we all can use a little bit of sunshine.

Get Tag HERE

Everything in the package is yellow- a ray of sunshine.

We had the best mailman and right before he retired I gave him this small thank you of M&M's and a gas gift card.

I found the card HERE

For our babysitter I wanted to give her just a small gift to say we're thinking about you on your birthday.

I found the tag HERE

I did this for a birthday gift:

Trick the receiver to think they are getting a box of chocolates.  To their pleasant surprise when they open the box they find money!

The holidays are right around the corner and this just adds a bit to the average bottle of wine hostess gift.

Our nanny was moving away so I typed up this sign and put it in an 8x10 frame with cash.  I also typed up the tag for the Reese's Pieces that reads, "We're going to miss you to pieces!"

This is a funny housewarming gift.  You couldn't give it to just anyone but someone you're close to and has a good sense of humor.  It was paired with a Home Goods gift card.

"Welcome to your new home.  Hope nothing CRAPS out on you."

Here's another housewarming gift idea.  You pair a hammer with a bottle of alcohol and a tag that reads, " You'll need a break from all your hard work so get 'hammered.'"

Get Tag Template HERE

I frequently make diaper cakes for baby shower gifts.  It's a cute way to give practical gifts (diapers, wash cloths, and receiving blankets).

This was a tractor diaper cake because the family is in farming.

One of these days I'll have to do a diaper cake tutorial but they are quite easy to make.

If you have any unique gift ideas to share I would love to see them from you.


  1. These are too cute! And hilarious! Great ideas, totally going to use these this coming christmas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're welcome:) Thanks for following along and I'm so glad you got a kick out of some of these!

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