Friday Favorites 8/5

How in the world are we in August already?!?! I'm crying over here that summer is slipping away so fast.  I'm trying to soak up every second of summer.  Would work please pause for a moment so I can only play, J/K!
Here are my favorites of the week:

1. Nume's Flat Iron Flash Sale

My hair is just about as pathetic as it comes; it does nothing typically.  I was in love with another styling tool for a hot minute but then that love fizzled super quick.
This week I tried a Nume Styling wand and I'm thrilled to still have curls hours later.  Stay tuned for a full review coming soon.
You also have to try Nume's Fashionista Flat Iron.  Today through Sunday 8/7/16 you can snag the Fashionista for $39 and free shipping.  Regular price is $139.  Don't miss out on this deal; click link below for discount.

2. Mini- Pleat Top

My fashion love of the week is this new top I snagged from Banana Republic.  I think it's a great color for transitioning into Fall (still crying over this reality) and I love pleats!
A full and better look will be coming soon; stay tuned.

3. Checking Off Our Summer Fun Bucket List
Running Through the Sprinklers was on our bucket list and we got to cross that off this week.  It's been over 105 for what feels like forever so any way to cool down is a plus for us.  For all the haters that are going to send me hate mail we ran in them for about 5 minutes and turned them off.  It was also a water day so we didn't waste excess water.

Check out our full list HERE
More Bucket List fun HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

4. My 4 year old sweet heart who looked 14 when I glanced back in the car.

I had to quickly grab my phone because I couldn't miss remembering her sitting like this.  When did she grow up?!?!?

5. Mommy-Daughter Dates
Emily's good behavior has been so exceptional I promised her a date at Chuck E Cheese's as a reward.  We had the perfect mommy-daughter date this week which we finished off with ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

Spotting Chuck E Cheese

6. B & R Flavor of the Month- Oreo Cake Batter
It was National Ice Cream Sandwich day so I was obligated to indulge in this....
It was as good as it looks!

7.  Fresno Fab Female Follow Friday
We are a local group of talented women that support, encourage, & empower women in our community.  On Fresno Fab Female Follow Friday we share with you some fabulous women.
Go check out my IG to meet some amazing women I call friends.

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