Back to School Ready

I am in major depression mode over here coming to grips that today is the last Friday of Summer:(  Everyone knows Summer is by far my favorite time of year so it's a hard reality for me that it's Back-To-School time already.
I'm trying to switch gears in my brain and that takes some prep work.  To get back-to-school ready we have a few traditions.

1. A new backpack and lunch box
Viv & Lou have always been one of our favorites for personalized gear.  Emily was over the moon excited to get an adorable new backpack and lunch box set.  They offer the perfect sized backpacks for preschoolers.  I'm so happy she doesn't have to drag around a backpack too big for her.  They are also light weight which is great for little ones.
Even though they are lightweight the quality is fantastic; her last set from Viv& Lou have held up for two years.
A new backpack and lunch pail from Viv & Lou could be yours.  See details below.

2. Back-to-School Gear
Voa Voa was so thoughtful and filled Emily's new backpack with all sorts of gear that Emily will need for school.  Emily was really thrilled to see all the new items.  It was like a mini Christmas morning for her.

3. Reading
Emily did two years in preschool and this year she will be starting TK.  Each year we read some back to school books to get her ready.  You can check out a post HERE with some suggested books for little ones.
Here she is reading one of her all time favorite books, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear."  She of course can't read the words but she knows it by heart.

4. Writing
As you can see here Emily is a lefty.  No one in either family is left-handed so it's really strange to us.  She's learned her letters but we are still working on being able to write them.
We tried to practice thru out the summer.  Emily uses her chalkboard almost daily to write and draw.  We also love this dry erase practice board.

5. Countdown
I don't really ever have to worry about Emily being apprehensive about something but nevertheless I think doing a countdown helps prepare little ones for change.

6. Back To School Shopping-New Clothes

I vividly remember going back to school shopping with my mom and Voa Voa.  My favorite was Limited Too and it seemed like we would spend hours in there shopping and trying on clothes.  I loved it from a very young age.  My mom has told me a story where she was getting her teeth cleaned and she asked me where I wanted to go as a treat afterwards because I was such a good girl.  I answered Macy's!  BTW I was 2 years old!!!!!  Not much has changed.  I've passed on this gene to Emily who is quite the fashionista and shopper.  She also loves Macy's for some reason.
So back to school clothes shopping is a tradition we just can't miss!
Here's two new dresses that Emily got for back to school.  Voa Voa bought one and Grandma purchased the other.  I'm sure she will be the best dressed in TK.

7. Meet and Greet
Emily got to meet her new teacher today and take a quick tour of the classroom and campus.  It didn't seem to phase Emily but this is a huge transition from preschool.  Everything is so much bigger and she will be expected to be much more independent.  I looked at the bathroom door and thought to myself how is she going to open that huge door?!?!
This folder of info is a bit overwhelming; it's a whole new world.

I have the best news for you!  Viv & Lou is giving away a personalized backpack and lunch pail to one lucky winner.  Check out my IG to enter.

Backpack and Lunch Pail were given in exchange for a review.  As always opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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