My Miracle Drug-Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar

I am not even exaggerating when I say I've found a miracle drug.  Last fall my mom told me about Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and I was completely skeptical.  I started googling and scanning Pinterest for all the info on Bragg's and found all sorts of ways to try Bragg's and all it's benefits.  The claims were pretty nuts but let me tell you I'm a believer now after about 9 months of using it.
My ENTIRE life I've had a poor immune system.  It's much better than it was years ago but if there was a cold within one mile I was going to get it.  During the winter months I seriously will have 5-10 colds per season.  Every time my girls would get sick I would get it.  I've used Echinacea and Aspirin and Airborne in the past and would find a tiny bit of relief but nothing like I've experienced with Bragg's.  Bragg's is used as a preventative measure because it balances the pH, glucose, and insulin levels and cleanses the digestive system.  An alkaline pH can decrease the risk of infection, increase energy, and prevent growth of unhealthy cells in the body.  When you look on Pinterest for Bragg's ACV you will find hundreds of articles claiming Bragg's has 101 uses including weight loss, increasing energy, settling an upset stomach, all purpose cleaner, hiccup cure, clearing a stuffy nose, soothing a sunburn, clearing up an UTI, and so much more.  There are so many recipes on how to consume Bragg's but since it smells terrible and doesn't taste great I find it best to put about a tablespoon in just a tiny bit of water.  Then I take it like a shot of strong alcohol.  I get it over with quickly.  Now that I've been using it for so long it doesn't bother me too much.
Now if I so much as sneeze I take a shot of Bragg's.  If I start feeling like I'm coming down with something I will take a shot at least 5 times throughout the day.  Since last fall I did not have one bad cold; not one!  I had two extremely minor colds, but so minor they barely count.  Not only do I commonly get a half dozen colds each year they usually knock me off my butt for over a week.  I didn't have that once this year.  My girls got sick several times this year and even my husband but I didn't get really sick once.  I even avoided the flu that everyone in my family had at one time or another this year.  Praise God!!!  I've also used Bragg's twice for an UTI.  I was in so much pain and started my "shots" of Bragg's and they went away fairly quickly.  One of the times the doctor prescribed me two different antibiotics and I didn't even need to start them because the Bragg's kicked in before the prescriptions were ready for pick up.
Not only am I WAY healthier this year it's also a natural remedy; I hate taking antibiotics.
Now let me say I take quite a bit of Bragg's and DEFINITELY have not experienced any weight loss.  I don't take a shot before every meal like recommended but I do consume quite a bit.

Have you ever tried Bragg's?  Do you have any cold prevention treatments/ remedies?

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