Friday Favorites 7/8

Happy Fri-YAY!!!!  This week went by super fast as it was a short week and I was jam packed playing catch up from the holiday weekend.  Excited for the weekend and wishing everyone a happy weekend.  In light of all the tragedy in our world I'm encouraging myself and everyone I know to seize the day and forget what we think is important and just have fun.  Spend time with those you love and enjoy each and every moment.

I am very slow on checking out Rocket Dog-Gourmet Brats and Brew.  Some girlfriends and I went for lunch this week and I was totally impressed.  I loved the atmosphere of the place and the friendliness of the staff.  I had the Firehouse Dog which is a all beef hot dog with chili, corn chips and cheese; I left off the onions.  It came with a side of chips and it was as good as it sounds.  The girls split a grilled cheese which came with fries and a drink.  Emily tells me it was great.  I will definitely check them out again.

Rocket Dog
88 E Shaw Ave.
Fresno, Ca 93710

I started the Gallon Challenge on June 7th which is drinking 1 gallon of water per day for 30 days.  During those 30 days you can ONLY drink water; no coffee, tea, soda, or alcohol.  I had seen several blogs where their skin improved, their sugar cravings decreased, they lost several inches, they slept better, and had more energy.  My goals for the challenge were to improve my skin, dark circles, and decrease my sugar cravings; I am plagued with being addicted to sugar.  I took my weight and measurements on 6/7 and took pictures.  Drinking 1 gallon of water wasn't too hard minus the amount of trips to the bathroom.  Eliminating all other liquids was a breeze except for social events.  Several times I turned down a cocktail but there were at least 5 times where I had one drink.  My 30 days was over 4th of July weekend so that whole weekend was a bust.  Along with a few cheats there were also a handful of days where I didn't finish the entire gallon.  Those were days that I couldn't live in the bathroom.  Like days I traveled out of town and couldn't stop every ten miles for a pit stop, lol.
Well the 30 days are up and I'm so disappointed to report I saw no change!  Of course I wonder if it's because I didn't follow it exactly to a tee.  Honestly I seemed extra tired, my skin didn't change, and my sugar cravings didn't increase at all.  Nor did my weight or measurements change.  In fact, I gained 1/4 inch in my thighs!!!!  Oh yay, just what I needed.
Has anyone else given this a try with success?

Instead of me disclosing what picture is which I want to hear from you.  Which photo is before, left or right???

Today my mom the girls and I decided to check out Playland since its been refurbished.  They have small rides great for little kids.  We were quite impressed with how they redid things; everything was very nice.  The girls rode some rides, put their feet in the water pad, and we took a train ride around the park.  It was a fun way to spend a couple of hours.  Thank you Voa Voa for treating the girls.

The ride is actually moving here and this little girl is such a daredevil!  She loved it.


  1. Go, you, for doing the Gallon Challenge!! Is the photo on the left the "after" pic? You look more "glowy" in it! :)

  2. You are right:) The left is my after pic.