Flirty and Floral

I'm loving this new easy breazy summer look.  It's floral and flirty which qualifies it for two thumbs up in my book.  It's the perfect summer dress for a date night with my husband and on really hot days it even works well for work when I'm out showing houses.  I especially love a look that can be dressed up or down.  I can even pair this look with a sandal and it greats for running around town or out to lunch with girlfriends.  When you live in Fresno where it frequents over 100 degrees you need outfits that are super cute but as cool as possible.  This look has been great these last couple weeks where the temperature has hit 108!

You basically will never find me without arm candy.  This stack is my go-to arm bling.

Another bonus to this dress is pockets.  I have a secret obsession with pockets.

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