A Mom's Workout

Before I had my girls I used to work out fairly regularly.  My go-to was yoga a couple times a week.  Don't knock yoga if you haven't tried it.  It can be an awesome workout.  It also seriously helps calm my Type A, OCD mind.  I also swear that it made my labor and delivery much easier.  Anyways I got off subject...I used to workout but then I had kids.  Then it turned into, "I don't want to pay a babysitter just so I can workout!" (Plus my husband has long hours so he's gone before I get up and gets home late and I'm too tired to go at that time.)  Needless to say I've only been to the gym a few times in nearly 5 years.  And I wonder what's happening to my behind, lol!
Since the change in lifestyle I've had to find other ways to get some exercise in.  Now my go-to exercise is a walk with girlfriends.  It's good cardio at the pace we walk and pushing a double stroller with two kids is no joke for me.  Plus the girl talk is homeopathic.  I also count all the running around and playing with them as a bit of cardio.
How do you mamas stay fit and healthy?


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