1K, Hooray!!!!

I started my blog as a diary for my daughter when she was a few months old but last summer my girlfriend and fellow blogger (www.thepatricios.com) inspired me to take it to another level.  I was finding that blogging was my creative outlet and I loved sharing, engaging, and connecting with others from all over.  I love how the Internet makes the world a very small place where I can find similar women from anywhere that I can relate to. 
Today I'm celebrating my blogging journey over the past year because I've reached 1000 followers on Instagram.  I want to thank everyone who offers support, love, and follows me on my journey.  I love getting to share this little thing I call life.
I hope to continue to share what I love with you and my wish is that I can continue to meet new people and inspire others.

This is a blooper photo; this one totally cracks me up.  I wanted to do a Boomerang and photo with Sparklers but the wind created so much smoke that it literally made me choke.  It also kept blowing those stinking balloons everywhere.  This is real life.... LOL

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