Swim Lessons-Bullfrog Swim School Part 1

The girls have been taking swim lessons from Darla at Bullfrog Swim School.  We are totally in love with Darla.  She makes sure to establish a relationship with her students first and foremost so they trust her; the girls just love her.  She's also very good with young children; consistent and pushes them towards learning.
The lessons are at a hotel but Bullfrog offers in home lessons as well.  We did this one year and it was totally amazing for this mama but our pool was still so cold that I couldn't torture Emily again so we've opted for the Bullfrog pool the last two years.
If you still haven't booked swim lessons for this year I highly recommend that you call Bullfrog Swim School.

Check out Bullfrog's Website HERE

Day 1:

First lessons of the season for Em and first lessons EVER for Madi.  I knew Emily would do great because she loves swimming but I was pretty nervous about Madi.  I thought she would hate it.  I was shocked first that she intently watched Emily during her lesson.  I thought I'd be chasing her around for the whole 30 minutes but she stood and watched sissy.  Then when it came time for her lesson she jumped right in and loved it.  She didn't shed one tear and didn't even want to get out of the pool.  I was so happy and relieved.  

Watching sissy

"I'm ready for my turn!"

A tiny taste of her first lesson...

Thank you Auntie Pammy for my adorable towel!

Day 2:

Both of their faces are a little off but these poses kill me.  Emily does these on her own and Madi is all Monkey see, Monkey do.
Thank you Voa Voa for taking the girls this day.

Day 3:

Madi started swim lessons off with a bang but this lesson so wasn't too sure about swimming.  No crying but just not too sure about it.  

Madi's Bikini / Emily's Bikini is Lily Pulitizer at Target last year

Day 4:

My mom had to take the girls this day because I had a meeting.  When I arrived to pick the girls up there were still a few minutes left in the lesson.  Madi was screaming when I arrived:(  Not sure why she went backwards but leave it to my Madi to not be typical.

Day 5:

The girls were mermaid sisters and over the moon about their suits.  I'm almost positive that Emily hasn't been more excited about something in her 4.5 years of life.  She lost her stuff when I showed her her new mermaid bathing suit.  They were sold out of Madi's size but she had a bikini from last year with a mermaid tail on the bottom.
Emily is still doing great at her lessons but again Madi cried through most of the lesson today.

Day 6:

Emily was taking up to 5 breaths on her own at the end of this lesson and thank goodness Madi went back to enjoying the lesson and not crying.  Win-win!
Emily is going to want to wear this suit every time.  She's obsessed!

Day 7:

Both girls did great at lessons today.  Emily swam the long length of the pool all by herself with no assistance!  She also does a double flip under water that she taught herself.

Stay tuned for lessons coming up....

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