Summer Reading-Where the Light Gets In by Kimberly Williams-Paisley

I love to read a good book especially in the warm months when I can enjoy a book by the pool.  I also love taking a new book on vacation and just relaxing with a good read.  I took my latest find, Where the Light Gets In by Kimberly Williams-Paisley on our beach trip this week.  It was an easy and quick read; I finished it in a couple of days.  This is Kimberly's first book where she shares about her personal story with dementia.  Her mother Linda was diagnosed at a the very young age of 62 with a rare form of dementia called PPA (Primary Progressive Aphasia).  Kimberly shares her very raw and emotional thoughts about the disease and her family's journey through her mother's decline.  I truly appreciated her candidness and honesty about her perceptions, reactions, and emotions.  Many would be hesitant to share such thoughts in fear of judgement because some of her feelings could seem selfish but I genuinely appreciated Kimberly telling her story.
I have a personal connection with dementia because my grandmother suffered from it in her last few years of life.  It is a scary disease because there are no treatments or cures.  I wish no one ever had to suffer with any disease but I think about something like cancer.  Of course there are no guarantees but there are treatments for cancer and many of them are very successful.  With Alzheimer's there is no surgery or severe medical treatment.  It's very difficult to deal with the physical person still being there but the mind/soul being gone. 
Kimberly not only shared her story so that others can relate but she also provided several resources so that families dealing with this disease could find some guidance.
As you've deciphered this isn't a happy read but I seriously enjoyed the book and would recommend it to you.  Nearly everyone can relate to some kind of suffering and it's comforting to hear how others have dealt with it.

On our vacay one day I got to enjoy this book by the pool soaking up the sun and the next day in front of the fireplace. (That's Central Coast weather for you.)

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