Madison Anne 2 Years Old

One one hand it feels like Madi has been in the family forever and on the other hand there's no way my baby is two years old already.  Madi just celebrated her 2nd birthday this week and her big celebration is coming up soon.  My mom, the girls and I were at the beach earlier this week and we started Madi's birthday still at the coast.  I think spending your birthday at the beach when you're two is a pretty awesome thing.  Madi LOVED the ocean, or pool as she called it, and probably could have spent all day in the freezing waves.  She just would walk right in and could care less if someone was holding her hand.  The undertow would take her down if she wasn't holding a hand but it didn't phase her.  We drove home that afternoon and then the grandparents came over for a casual celebration.  We had pizza and cupcakes to celebrate her big day.  
If I had to describe Madi in one word these days it would be SPICY!!!  She is a total S word.....sassy, spunky, spicy, sweet, short.... what did you think I meant when I said S word???  She has a personality far different than her sister and she is just spicy!!!  She knows exactly what she wants and she has no problem telling you NO!!!  She also can throw attitude like nobody's business.  It's impossible to discipline this little girl because she is hilarious.  When she is giving attitude you can't help but laugh (total parent fail!).  She mimics every move her big sister makes and has no fear; she'll try anything.  She's a little piggy and will eat just about anything with the exception of meat sometimes.  She's wearing 2T clothes, size 6 shoes, and a size 4 diaper.  Madi doesn't have a doctor's appointment for awhile but according to my scale and measurements she weighs 25.5 pounds and is 32.5 inches tall.  She still sleeps in her crib and still has a binkie when she sleeps (Not proud but I literally fear the day I take it away).  She takes a nap about 2 pm for a 2-3 hours and then sleeps from 7:00pm to 7:00 am.  She is talking up a storm and starting to put two words together.  It's remarkable how far she has come in the past few months.  In December she wasn't talking or even babbling so we had her evaluated.  At the time she was 19 months old and tested at the level of a 9-10 month old in terms of expressive language.  A VERY long story short we determined she was hearing "under water" due to allergies so she started two medications and speech therapy and she's a whole new girl these days.  I am so proud of how hard she is working in speech and how she is determined to learn and express herself.  Although her personality will always be spicy her temperament is much better now that she has some language.
This little girl has added some much joy and laughter to our lives.  I would love to freeze her but I totally look forward to watching her grow.  Happy Birthday my baby Goose; I love you forever!

One of the S words- My SWEET baby girl!

Thank you Grandma for the cupcakes!

My girls are great sharers (another S word, lol).  Madi volunteered her cupcake to her sissy.  So sweet.

Twas the Night before 2 (Madi's last photo as a 1 year old)

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