Happy Mother's Day

Everyday I feel blessed for my mother but I want to take Mother's Day to thank my mom for her selfless love for the past 31 years.  My mom nearly my entire life had to be mom and dad and never once did I hear a complaint.  Nor did I ever feel like I was lacking in love or support.  God surely blessed me with this mama.  She always loved me, encouraged me, pushed me, supported me, and guided me.  It's so very true that you can never truly appreciate your mom until you have children of your own.  Now I understand her love and sacrifice day in and day out.  I think I need and appreciate my mom even more these days than when I was younger.  I couldn't do this "mom thing" without the support of my mom.  
My God bless you like you bless all those in your life.
Love You!

Being a mother is the hardest and best job in the world.  Being a mom is nearly unexplainable- one minute you can't wait to get out of the house and 30 seconds away you're missing your little ones.  The days are long but the years are short.  I can't believe I've been a mother for 4 and half years; the time is speeding by.  My girls have taught me so much in life and they bless me every day.  I thank God for choosing me to be their mama.

Wishing all moms a day of extra love and extra peace and quiet.  As I took a poll from all my mama friends we all just wished for a day of peace and quiet, lol!!! I know we all love our kiddos beyond belief but what we need most of is some quiet time.  So I hope we all can find a little bit of that today.

Happy Mother's Day!

My mama journey started here with being pregnant with Emily.
This beautiful baby girl made me a mama and I am forever grateful for that.

My mom with her first grandbaby.

Mama Round #2 started here.

Bringing home Madi.
Madi on the left, Emily on the right.

Me and my two favorite girls!

My mom and these crazy girls.

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