Trusting Turtles-School Days- March

In the month of March Emily's class learned the letters Kk, Yy, and reviewed all previous letters, the number 7,  the color green, the shape shamrock, focused on writing, and the bible verse was, "For God so loved the world He gave His Son."  March seemed like a jam packed month.  The beginning of the month the Trusting Turtles led Chapel.  Emily picked out her fancy outfit and was a bubbling, bouncy little performer.  Mid month Emily and I went shopping for her Easter Bonnet decorations and then I went into the class one morning so we could decorate it together.  She was very proud of her hat.  Before Spring Break the school had an Easter parade where mommy, daddy, Voa Voa, and sissy came to see Emily strut her stuff around the courtyard and hunt Easter Eggs in the Chapel.

Emily HAD to have her hair down, curled, and no bow for her Easter parade so her bonnet would fit!  Those curls lasted 30 seconds.

Emily and Carter

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