Girls Weekend in Vegas

This last weekend I had a girls trip with some of my FAVE ladies.  We just decided we needed a weekend away and Vegas was the perfect spot to let loose.  

I said I would NEVER drive to Vegas but after my last nightmare of a weekend with Allegiant Air I gave in and agreed to drive since the rest of the group wanted to.  We left late Friday morning and it only took a quick 7 hours to arrive at Planet Hollywood.

We're OFF; on to pickup Dede and Mary.

When we arrived we had a hot minute to get ready and make it down to Koi Restaurant for our dinner reservation.  Christina and I got ready first and headed down to happy hour while the other girls finished perfecting their looks. 

A quick photo with Britney on our way to dinner.

This Coconut Splash was epic!  It was the hit of the weekend.
Once we all got together for dinner we had dinner family style.  The food was great at Koi but literally bite size.  The taco was the "size of my eye!"

After dinner we headed to the concert.  Before heading to our seats we took some shots with Britney's iconic looks.

This is Britney's manager.
The show was a lot of fun but I had a hard time seeing over a giant in front of me.  Britney looked great considering her journey.  It brought me back to being 18 and being totally in love with Brit!

After the show we got to meet Nigel from So You Think You Can Dance.

After the concert we headed to Hyde at The Bellagio.  We had fun dancing to Hip Hop to the early morning.

The next morning we headed out for the day but had to take our shots with Britney first.

We had lunch at Serendipity and ordered their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate.  I am the dessert queen but shockingly I didn't like it.  However, it was a hit with everyone else.

After lunch we went shopping at the Forum Shops in Caesar's Palace.

Dream Shopping

First class service at Tory Burch.

 After shopping we wanted a little sun so we headed down to our pool.  It wasn't a hit but you live and learn.

A little Barre Method on the way down the elevator.

The end of our pool time was a real SPLASH. Code 426!

After our fun in the sun we headed up to the room to get ready.  I put on my dress and the zipper POPPED!  I was devastated but I called the store where I bought the dress that day and they found another one at the Bebe near our hotel.  Due to a time crunch to make dinner I wore the busted dress to the Bebe in The Miracle Mile Shops and traded it out in the dressing room.  It was pretty funny and NO ONE stopped to tell me I was completely unzipped.

 We ate dinner at Giada's at The Cromwell.  While we were waiting for our table we spent a ton of time in the photo booth.  We acted like we've never seen one before.  It was so fun.

Dinner was amazing and we seriously had the best time at this dinner.  Service was amazing and we left a little extra for the busser.

After dinner we headed to Surrender at The Encore.  We only lasted a few minutes at the club despite getting a free table and bottle service.  It just wasn't the spot for us.

We then headed to Omnia at Caesar's but again only lasted a few minutes.  Our final stop was the Toby Keith Bar in Harrah's.  I've been here several times and although it's NOT the typical Vegas scene I love it.  It's a live band and my kind of music and scene.  We had fun dancing the night away and being silly as can be.

 Sunday morning we cleaned up, ate at Pink's Hot Dogs, and then loaded up for a long car ride home.  I was super dreading the way home but honestly it wasn't bad.  We passed the time with games and girl chat.

The girls weekend was seriously one for the books!  My highlights of the weekend were the Coconut Splash, the number game, cab rides, 426, Panty Dropper, My House, singing on stage at Toby Keith, and hotel security!  These will be lifelong memories.  Thanks Fab Five for the best weekend ever!

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