Introducing WeGoShop

Every now and then I get to introduce a company that gets me SOOOO excited.  WeGoShop is one of those businesses!  The company started in 1999 but the Fresno Franchise was just launched by Savannah Heskett and her fiance Travis Beck.  WeGoShop is a personalized grocery shopping and delivery service.  You go online choose your area, give your information, write your shopping list and special instructions, pick your delivery date and time, pick your grocery store, and choose how you will pay.  If your store receipt is under $150 the delivery fee is $20, store receipt total of $150-$300 the delivery fee is $25, and if your store receipt total is over $300 the delivery fee is $30.  You pay when the groceries are delivered.
As the weeks go by I seem to get busier and busier and my least favorite task is grocery shopping.  Finding WeGoShop was a Godsend.  Having someone pick up all my groceries and deliver to MY HOUSE is remarkable.  I was extra impressed that I got to pick the grocery store.  Even more impressing was Savannah texted me while she was at the store to say something was out of stock and wanted to know if I wanted a replacement.  GREAT customer service in my opinion.
My total was $101.70 and I got all of this for that price:

Thank you for Savannah for delivering to my home and doing my grocery shopping.  I was so pleased with the A+ service.


Get to grocery shopping from your computer RIGHT NOW, Here.  Plus a huge incentive... if you mention you heard about WeGoShop from The Real Housewife of Fresno in the special notes section of checkout you will get half off your delivery fee.  Why wouldn't you try this out?!?!  For $10 you save the time and headache of shopping.


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Why did you start the business:
My fiancé and I started this business because we really felt that we could serve multiple people/ groups in our area. We know that this service would be of use to the elderly, as they cannot always get themselves to the store or out to run their errands. We also felt we could be of service to those busy Fresno/Clovis moms and dads who have long days at work or with the kids and don't want to spend another hour out at the grocery or convenience store. We are working to serve all individuals in Fresno who want to relax at home after a long day and have their food from their personalized grocery list delivered to their home.
My fiancé works in the insurance world and I love to cook/bake and grocery shop. For this reason, we thought this would be a perfect start up for us!

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