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Happy First Day of Spring!!!  I can not stand cold weather so the first day of spring is almost better than Christmas morning for me.  When I think of spring I think of warm weather, blue skies, blooming flowers, playing outside all day, and bbq-ing.  Tonight we barbecued some Man Cave Bratwurst which were the icing on the cake for our meal.  Man Cave Foods took inspiration from the craft beer industry and launched the craft meat movement.  After testing hundreds of recipes Man Cave Foods brought their unique flavor combinations to the Minneapolis Farmers Market and now have grown to hundreds of locations around the United States.  We got to try Bacon, Beer, & Cheddar Bratwurst, Buffalo Wing Style with Blue Cheese Bratwurst, and Bacon, Egg, Cheddar & Hash Brown Breakfast Sausage.  We enjoyed all of the selections but our favorite was the Bacon, Beer & Cheddar Bratwurst.  I mean who wouldn't love that combo?!?!  Add some extra flavor to your next meal; your man will thank you.


To find Man Cave Products near you check out their website.  For my fellow Fresnans you can find these delicious products at Winco.


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Please tell us a little bit about your company and how you got started:
Our goal is to be the craft beer of the meat department, or even the Ben & Jerry's of the ice cream isle. Higher quality, smaller batches- WE CARE about the product and drown ourselves in the creation and development of anything we sell. Nick Beste founded the company in his early 20s! He's only 28 now!
The Minneapolis Farmers market was huge for us to get started. We developed an incredible following, including some grocery store executives, and consistently had crowds of people around our tent. Before we knew it, we were running around trying to figure out how to make packaging for retail stores! There are 8 of us in the office on a daily basis, each wearing multiple hats. 
You can still find us at the MPLS farmers market :) 

What has been your greatest lesson in running your own business?
(I don't run the company, even though we may all feel like it sometimes haha)
Keeping priorities in order- there are always a million different opportunities on the table and we have to remember to stay true to our Vision, Mission, and Values. 
Vision: To pioneer the craft meat movement.
Mission: To have the highest consumer satisfaction of any food brand.
Values: (skipping the explanations) Creative, Can Do, Continuous Improvement, Team, Integrity

What’s your greatest tip for entrepreneurs?
(This I do know exactly what Nick would say- his favorite quote). "Never. Never. Never give up." (a la Winston Churchill) There will be mistakes and struggles- in ten years you will look back in realize those were the most fun times!

Who inspires you?

As a company we've been inspired by the craft beer industry and other artisan brands. The Sam Adams of the world... Ben and Jerrys, Talenti Gelato, Noosa yogurt many other breweries etc... We admire people and brands that put as much effort into their product as we do.

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