Easter Week Activities

 We tackled a few projects during Easter Week...

Just like at Christmas I try to keep the real meaning of Easter at the forefront.  The girls worked on two projects where we talked about Jesus and his Resurrection.  One my mom prepared for them where they made stained glass crosses with contact paper, card stock, and tissue paper.  The other was a Easter Wreath of the Passion.  You can find the wreath printables HERE.

The girls and I also got to work on an extra special project for Rocco my nephew that passed away earlier this year.  We decorated eggs with my sister and niece which Sharla put in an Easter basket to place on Rocco's grave.  We were honored to be a part of the special project.

I served the girls bunny pancakes a couple days during Easter Week:

Of course the biggest Easter Week tradition is dying eggs.  Emily colored all but one and we let Madi try one and get in on the fun.
Emily wore her Bunny Hat that she made with Voa Voa.

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