Weekend Wrap Up

We started the weekend off with a dance class for Emily.  I was contacted by Fergie's Freestyle Dance Studio that they were having a grand opening with free dance classes this weekend so of course we jumped on checking it out.  Emily had a lot of fun but we will not be going back.
After class Emily helped me at my office and then we stopped by Donut Fantasy which we've been dying to try forever.  The first time we went by was on a Sunday and they were closed.  Other than being closed on Sundays I would give this place two thumbs up.  They have a great selection and they are gourmet flavors.  Most of the selection is consistent but they always add a few to the mix which rotate.  One of the flavors they were trying this week was squirmy wormy and that is what Emily wanted.  I got the Butterfinger donut and I grabbed a plain Maple bar for Kevin and sprinkled donut holes for Madi.  Everyone enjoyed their sweet treats.
The rest of the weekend I spent mostly working.  During part of my work time the girls got to spend time with their cousins and they can never get enough cousin time:)
Here's to a productive week!

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