Our Disneyland Trip Day 1- 2015

Last month I had a work conference in Anaheim so we decided to go a bit early and make a family trip out of it and go to Disneyland-The Happiest Place on Earth!  We love all things Disney and wish we could go more often but it's just not in the cards for us.  We left first thing Saturday morning and headed straight to Anaheim.  We only made one quick potty break right before the Grapevine and to have a snack.  We arrived early afternoon after a fairly easy drive (you never know in LA).  We checked into the Grand Californian, dumped our stuff, and headed into California Adventure.  The weather was pleasant, slightly cool and the park wasn't too busy.  After enjoying the afternoon we grabbed quick food and ate on a bench while waiting for the Pixar Play Parade.  We had a great spot and the girls loved the parade.  I was totally surprised how much Madi loved it and was engrossed.  She interacted and watched with such joy!  It was so fun to witness.  After the parade we went back to the hotel because it was a long day and we knew the next day would be even longer.  The girls and my mom stayed in and Kevin and I went into CA Adventure & Disneyland to ride some rides.  We went into Disneyland during the parade and it was like herding cattle.  The waits weren't long for rides but moving around the park because of the parade was just insane.  We got to ride Screamin' California,  Indiana Jones, Thunder Mountain, and Matterhorn.

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We're all ready to rock and roll:

Opening their Autograph Books:

Meeting Chip and Dale:

Meeting Flick:

Pixar Play Parade:

Voa Voa bought the girls these magical balloons before the parade.

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