Love is Sweet-Valentine's 2016

Valentine's is a special holiday in our house because my mom started the Week of Love tradition when I was a little girl.  We've never missed a year and we've carried on the tradition with my girls.  The week before Valentine's our mailboxes came out and we started exchanging little gifts.  The girls loved it and it makes my heart happy to carry on the tradition.  If you follow me or know me, you know I'm obsessed with traditions so I can only hope that my girls will carry on this tradition and many others that I hold dear to my heart.
Our sweet babysitter also brought the girls personalized Valentine's that she made; it was just the sweetest thing ever!!  Daddy also brought all us girls Valentine's.  I got a dozen red roses and my favorite chocolate chip cookie from Hungry Bear and the girls each got a red rose and a sprinkle cookie. The joy in their faces was priceless!!!!  Grandma also brought over Valentine's for the girls which they loved opening and they are still playing with the balloons.
Over Valentine weekend we were in Shaver and the girls got to make Valentine crafts with their friends/cousins and Aunty Pammy and Uncle Mike gave the girls sweet Valentine gifts as well.  When we returned home on Monday the girls opened their Valentine's from mommy and daddy.  Needless to say there was an overwhelming amount of love over the weekend and leading up to Valentine's Day.  No complaints here; you can never have too much love.
Wishing love and happiness to everyone.

Valentine's Buckets from Vanessa

From Daddy (one cookie took a crash)

My beautiful roses

These faces are priceless. #tearyeyed

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