Introducing Kemaily

As a mama of two little girls I can't get enough bows, bloomers, and all things frilly.  I've recently partnered with Kemaily and their line just makes me giggle with delight.  If you are looking for your little ones or a great gift you need to check them out.  They offer bloomers, rompers, headbands, burp cloths, blankets, leg warmers, loveys, neckties, and more.  Not only do we love frills around here but also the comfort of the perfect blankie; my girls won't sleep without a little lovey.  Cute and comfy are the perfect combination and Kemaily has got this down when it comes to their minky loveys.  Thank you Kemaily for sending us a super soft and adorable grey chevron minky lovey.

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To get yourself one of these adorable products check out their website here.

The following photos are adapted from Kemaily:

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a stay at home mom to three girls, who of which I also homeschool.  So our life tends to be crazy busy without much downtime.
Please tell us a little bit about your company and how you got started.
I started sewing again after the birth of our second daughter making baby blankets from prints that I found and fell in love with. My aunt would also have me make blankets for her clients and from there our company was born. When I first started I was strictly making baby blankets, but after the birth of our third I started expanding into hair accessories as well. Little by little I've been able to expand into more avenues of the baby boutique world.
What has been your greatest lesson in running your own business?
Learning what your weaknesses are and learning to ask for help in those areas. Its easy to think that we have to be the master of everything, sadly that isn't true.
What’s your greatest tip for entrepreneurs?
Being an entrepreneur is great in the part where you get to set your own hours. Though in the beginning your working night and day to get your item/brand launched. Even still there are weeks where I end up having to work every spare second to keep up/market. Its not for the faint of heart, but so worthwhile. 

What does your normal day look like?
Before even getting out of bed in the morning I am obsessed with starting to go through the inbox of messages on all accounts. There are those that have their morning rituals of coffee and relaxing trying to gear up. I'm more of a throw myself in it as soon as I'm awake type. Afterward there's the fun of getting all of us girls(myself included) showered, and ready to start school. While teaching and working with kids(3 in all different grades, yikes!) I am usually sewing headbands or pinning items to be sewn. Squeezing in whatever you can in the time that I have. By late afternoon they've completed work and get a break before homework time. At which point I start sewing or packing orders and/or whatever else I can squeeze in before starting dinner. Dinner to bedtime is the craziest time in our house and its spent wrangling kids, finishing homework, playing a quick round of cards, or chauffering them to dance, etc. Once in bed, its back to work answering questions, sewing, working on marketing, or packing orders. Never a dull moment here!
Who inspires you?
My girls inspire me. My dream was to always be a stay at home mom, which I was blessed to enjoy doing for years. After awhile I wanted more, but I still wanted to be home with them and was torn about what to do. I never in a million years I could do what I am doing now, and actually make a living helping my husband provide for our family while creating works of art!

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