A LOVEly Weekend

Our weekend of LOVE was a fun filled weekend.  We started Valentine's weekend with dinner at School House with our best friends.  We had a delicious dinner in the dining room then moved over to the tavern for drinks.  On Friday nights there is a live band in the tavern and this was our main reason for going.  The band was pretty good but not good enough for dancing, which is my favorite thing to do it life.  So it was slightly disappointing but still two thumbs up overall.  I don't know of another restaurant locally with an atmosphere quite like this.  If you haven't been you've got to check it out.  On our way home we had a blast from the past and went to Jimbo's.  Only my bff would go dancing with me at Jimbo's while pregnant.  Jimbo's is not what it used to be because there were about 25 people there.  There was a live band so we did get some dancing in.
On Saturday we started off with a 1st birthday party.  It was a Minnie Mouse theme, so cute, and so fun!  We were so happy to be included in celebrating Mia's first birthday!  After playing, eating, and celebrating we ran home to grab our stuff to head up to Shaver Lake.  We spent the rest of the three day weekend lounging, eating, and playing in the snow. Thank you so much to the Marsh's for inviting us.

Making Valentine's at Mia's party

Baby Snow Bunnies

In their new Valentine princess shoes

Madi's princess shoes

Our over the top Valentine's Dinner compliments of Mr. Marsh!!! Lobster Bisque, Lobster, Green Beans, Filet Mignon----my mouth is watering again just looking at this.

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