Introducing Tiggly

I  am always looking for educational and interactive toys for my girls so I'm really happy to partner with Tiggly.  As featured in TIME, Forbes, Wired, and CNBC Tiggly expands digital apps to the physical world to expand a child's imagination and learning potential.  Tiggly focuses on learning, thinking, and creativity skills and is offered in multiple languages.  They are compatible with all iPad generations (excluding iPad 1) and Kindle, Samsung, and Kurio.
Tiggly sent us Tiggly Math which included 3 apps, 5 interactive toys, and a carrying pouch.  These apps include Tiggly Chef, Tiggly Cardtoons, and Tiggly Addventure.  These apps each focus on a different mathematical skill (counting, number line, and basic math operations).  In Tiggly Chef children can collect ingredients and help make dishes which develop flexible thinking, play pretend, counting and addition.  In Tiggly Addventure children go on adventures avoiding obstacles and building bridges and ladders.  The skills developed in this app are horizontal and vertical line concepts and foundational skills.  Tiggly Cardtoons teach basic math ideas such as one-to-one matching, counting and equal sets as objects come alive when children use their counting tools.
Tiggly Math is intended for children 3 and up and MSRP is $29.95.
Emily is very bright but has the attention span of an ant!  This kept her attention for over 30 minutes and she was still very interested in playing; I cut her off for nap time.  This is seriously a miracle!  She never plays with anything for an extended period of time.  My hat's off to Tiggly for engaging my little bug and teaching her math at the same time.
Tiggly also offers Tiggly Shapes and Tiggly Words.  Tiggly Words is intended for children 4-8 years old and Tiggly Shapes is for 2-5 year olds. Tiggly Shapes teaches shapes and geometry concepts, improves language skills, and develops motor skills, spatial thinking and creativity.  Tiggly Words uses vowels disguised as toys to help children learn about language. Children can write words, solve problems, and become familiar with the fundamentals of language.

Tiggly's Mission:
"Tiggly is a learning company pioneering a new way to educate children in the digital age.  At Tiggly, we are on a mission to build the premier digital destination for early childhood play and learning. We're designing learning toys that interact with our playful apps to help kids grown in the most engaging way possible.  We place high value on children's thought and the learning involved in their play and the magic that happens in the integration of physical and digital play."

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Emily was thrilled to get a new toy in the mail!!

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