Movie Night

Last night I had my nieces and nephews over for a Movie Night.  This was their Christmas gift and we finally found a weekend available for the party.  Before the movie we ate pizza and then I set up a concession stand which included popcorn cupcakes that I made, candy, and popcorn.  The kids voted and we watched The Lion King.  During the movie we played Movie Bingo; Jordan was the winner.  After the movie we played "Candy Bar Slogan Game" and then a couple of card games.  The kids camped out on the family room floor (my girls slept in their beds).  This morning I made waffles and the kids played a little while before heading home.  We had so much fun!

When something happened in the movie that was on their card they marked it off with a coin.

Eating pizza

This pic cracks me up because I was taking a candid photo and Mr. Jake is very well trained because he put on his best smile when he saw a camera.

Fun with photo props

Bingo Winner!!!

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