Mommy Monday- Kids Say the Darndest Things (Again)

  • During the collection during mass, Emily says, "Where money for my God?"
  • We tell Emily, "God bless you," usually before bedtime and make the sign of the cross on her head.  Recently she rubbed her hand on Kevin's head and said the same.
  • As Kevin was leaving out of town, Emily said, "I'll take care of mommy."
  • "Oh that's terrible!"
  • I told her we were going to get a treat and when she asked what the treat was I told her it was cheesecake.  She thought for a second and responded, "I love grilled cheese and string cheese but not cake cheese."
  • I was sick a few weeks ago and Emmy asked if I felt better; I said yes.  She then said, "Is your cold gone?"  I said no.  She said, "I'll give you a love and you'll feel all better."  She proceeded to give me a big hug then asked if I felt better.  I said, "Much better."  Emily, "You're cold all gone?"  I said, "No, baby."  She responds, "My loves not strong enough:(" My heart broke.
  • On February 25th, Emily started referring to herself as "Emiwee" instead of "Emmy."  It breaks my heart because she's growing up.
  • We hear nearly every 30 seconds, "I have an idea..."  (Most of her ideas I'm not on board with.)
  • Yesterday she was talking on a play cell phone and says, "Shh be quiet, I've got a work call.  It's my client and they want to see a house."

Madi definitely doesn't say the "darndest things" yet but she's starting to say Mama.  It doesn't have intention yet but it's her new favorite sound.  I heared all day today, "ma-ma-ma-ma-ma!"

(I'm trying to get better at writing these things down but there are a million more quotes that are so cute and/or funny.)

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