I Love You Mosteset- Valentines 2015

We celebrated 14 days of love with my mom as we always have.  Except I was a terrible daughter and didn't participate this year.  I was out of town for work, then planning our 30th party, then I got super sick.  So my mom gave us girls gifts in our mailboxes each day and we gave Voa Voa a gift on Valentine's Day.  We had so much fun opening our mailboxes, dressing up for the holiday, and celebrating with yummy treats.
Emily had so much fun celebrating Valentine's Day at school but her school activities will be in the February School Days blog post.
Daddy was out of town during Valentine's so us girls celebrated together.  Also Voa Voa was out of town so we decorated her front yard with large hearts so that when she returned home she would be greeted with a surprise.
(The blog title comes from something I started with my mom when I was very little and now Emily says it to us.  The first person says, "I love you."  Second person responds, "I love you more."  Then, "I love you most." Then, "I love you mostest!")

One treat from 14 Days of Love

One of my gifts from Voa Voa that Emily made.

Emily's godfather, Uncle Mike, bought her this outfit for Valentine's.  He's the best and sure spoils his girl!  We love you Uncle Mike!!!

Emily putting up hearts in Voa Voa's yard.

Valentine I received from my dear friend Christina.

A few of the Valentine's the girls received. Not all pictured.

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