Fresno Friday-Blossom Trail

This week the girls, my mom, and I made the Blossom Trail and School House Restaurant a tradition.  We did this last year and loved it so much we did it again.
We drove straight to School House for lunch and had a delicious meal.  We both had salads and they were spectacular.  We finished with dessert on their beautiful patio.  We had their apple bread pudding which is to die for.
School House was built in 1890 and rebuilt in its current architecture in 1921.  It was a working school until 1958.  It then ran as a steakhouse for 30 years.  Unfortunately it was vacant for many many years.  The current owners remodeled and opened in 2012.  It's the best atmosphere unlike any other in Fresno that I know of.  The food rivals the atmosphere and I highly recommend making the drive!
After lunch we did a portion of the Blossom Trail.  We couldn't do the whole thing because we needed to get home for naps.  It seemed like we went in between the blossoms.  The pink ones weren't totally out yet and the white ones were basically on the ground.  Either way it's a sight that I recommend because it's something different to do in our own "backyard."
Not only were the blossoms not ideal I went to take a picture and realized my memory card wasn't in my DSLR.  Oh geez!  Thank goodness for the iPhone.

Our last stop was Simonian Farms.  This is the official start to the Blossom Trail.  You can find yummy treats, drinks, and a few photo opps.

Thank you mom for the delicious lunch and your company.

This was hilarious.  Madi didn't want her sister to hold her up and she just wanted to crawl off.  But it was quite MUDDY!  This was a near disaster.

Here are maps of the trail:

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