Weekend at the Coast

Last weekend we joined the Marsh's and the Adams' in Morro Bay.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was such a nice getaway.  We got there quite late on Friday night so we went straight to bed.  On Saturday morning after homemade breakfast burritos we went to Avila Valley Barn to play and get pumpkins.  We've never been and it was fabulous!  There are animals, a farm store, a food stand, an ice cream parlor, hayrides, corn and hay mazes, pumpkin patch, and a live band.  We looked at the animals first, explored, took a hayride, enjoyed lunch with live entertainment, then got some ice cream and picked out a pumpkin.  I would love to go back and totally recommend this place.  
We went back to the beach house after our fun morning for naps.  Pam and I went "shopping" in downtown Morro Bay while the daddy's were on duty.  After naps we took the kids to the beach.  It was pretty nice out but the water was really cold.  That didn't stop Emily one bit.  She got all the way to her shoulders.  The only time she said she was cold was when I wanted to take a family picture, of course!
That night, Mike cooked us the best meal of steak and lobster.  Mike is one heck of a chef and the Marsh's were great hosts. Thank you so much for inviting us!!! We had a blast.

Sunday we got up and took off to Cambria where I had a work conference Sunday and Monday.  Kevin dropped me off and then took the girls home.

This was "shopping"

Ian is only 13 weeks and Madi is 5 months old!!!!  I think he's going to be bigger than Madi, what do you think?

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