North Pole Breakfast 2014

Jingle returned from the North Pole this morning and hosted a North Pole Breakfast.  He brought Emily and Madi gifts, Emily's Christmas books, her Santa cup and candy cane silverware. Rudolph brought Jingle last night and he brought reindeer antlers and bells from Santa's sleigh for the girls.

Waking up to see the surprise from Jingle.

I made green Christmas Tree pancakes this morning but when they cook they turn brown, lol.

Looks like Christmas is going to be lots of fun this year with Madi.  She pulled the tissue and bag immediately.  It was so cute.

She even wanted to help sissy.

"Dear Santa, my sister did it!"

Jingle brought Madi pj's to keep her warm because the North Pole is very cold and an elf shirt so she could be an elf just like Jingle.

Jingle brought Emily pj's and the elf shirt as well along with lots of other Christmas shirts.

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