Mommy Monday- Kids Say the Darndest Things

This Mommy Monday I thought I'd share a few funny things Emily has said.  I really should write these things down when she says them because literally EVERY day she cracks me up but when I try to remember them I can't always.  Just this weekend when Emily was opening her birthday gifts she unwrapped one package and it was a Macy's box.  As she pulled back the paper she said, "ooooo Macys!"  I guess she knows their logo already.  Lord help Kevin.  Also this weekend when we pulled up to church Emily said, "oooo they have donuts today!"  It's like she can read already but I guess she just remembers signs.

This one is funny but really it shouldn't be.  One day Emily was taking forever to eat and I kept asking her to finish her food.  After a million requests to hurry up, I firmly set my hand on the table and told her to hurry up!  She looked at me and said, "Calm down mom."  Oh my, I'm in trouble.

Emily is a jabber jaw and one day she just was talking non-stop.  Madi was screaming at the moment and Emily wouldn't be quiet.  I asked her if she's ever stops, she got quiet for a second and then said, "Sorry mom, I just need to talk."  

On her birthday last week Emily received several calls.  Each person who called sang her Happy Birthday.  When her grandma called in the afternoon she was talking to Emily and Emily says, "Sing me Happy Birthday!"  I guess she expected this.  My demanding girl:)

Something she says all the time is, "so me, " instead of "me too".  She's also famous for saying, "same and same," to point out something that matches or is the same.

Something sweet that she says frequently is, "I love you most," and "sleep tight."  She also sings with me at night, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be."  Sometimes she says, "Emmy no baby mama," when I sing this song.

Just this afternoon as she laid down for nap she placed her hand on my cheek and said, "We best friends."  I melted!!!!

What are some things that your kids have said that just make you laugh?  Do you record things they say?  How do you document these moments?

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