A Spooktacular Night

Last night we stopped by the Marsh's so I could see my goddaughter in her costume and drop off a little gift.  We then went to Auntie La La's and Uncle JJ's for a great Halloween party.  It was a potluck with tons of yummy food, crafts for the kids, and then we went trick-or-treating.  I couldn't believe that when we got to the party it was quite warm but by the time we went trick-or-treating it was so windy and freezing.  Then by the time we left the Harvey's it was POURING rain.  Talk about a change in weather in 3 hours.
Emily had a fabulous time with her cousins.
Thank you Harvey's for hosting such a fun party.

My cute Minnie Mouses

This was supposed to be just Tinsley and me but Em wanted to be in on it.  If she wanted to join I wish she would have smiled. lol

Madi and her Godmother

My little poser!  I wish Madi was smiling but it's near impossible to get both to look and smile!!!!

My veggie platter I took.

These marshmallow pops were too cute (and yummy)!

Madi tried to eat it.  I let her pretend with the wrapper still on.

One too many houses or beers.  I'm not sure which it was but we had a casualty while trick-or-treating!!!!  LOL.
I dared my sister in law to lay down here and she's no chicken; she took my dare!

Again with the poses.

Photo bomber Kevin.

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