Mommy Monday-Must Have Items

Here is a list of some things that make my life much easier as a mom.

1.  Snack & Play Travel Tray
If you are going to travel then this is a must for a toddler.  It's great for snacking and playing!!!

2. Contigo Kids Cups
I feel like I've gone thru a 1000 cups with Emily and they all leak.  I found a 3 pack of these cups at Costco for a great deal and after a few weeks we haven't had any leaks.

3. Tiny Diner Placemat
I've used this since Emily started eating solid foods.  I keep it in my car and use it all the time!  This way I don't have to worry about germs all over every table we eat at.

4. Diaper Clutch
My dear friend Christina made this for me and I take it with me every day.  With the 2nd kid I soooo don't want to carry a diaper bag.  This clutch holds diapers and wipes perfectly.  I just throw it in my bag and go.

5. Rock N Play
I didn't have one of these with Emily but with Madi it is an absolute MUST!!!  She has acid reflux and goes crazy sleeping in her crib but she sleeps so great in a rock n play.  I think it's because it's inclined and also because she feels snug in it.

6. SpaceSaver High Chair
We used to live in a small home and space was limited.  Having this small highchair was great.  This way when we had company I could put the little chair away and not always have a "tank" of a high chair in the middle of the kitchen.  Now that we're in a larger home I still love having it.  It's also nice if you want to travel with it.

7. Portable Baby Bather
I am obsessed with this baby bather!!!  I still use it with Emily.  It's sooooo much easier to wash her when she is sitting in it.  Not only does it make it easier to bath your little one it also folds up really small and makes it great for travel.  I really don't want to wash my babies in a hotel bath tub so I just take this along and then they never even have to touch it.  Perfection!

8. Minky Tag Blankie
Emily won't sleep without this blankie and Madi actually used it for the first time today.  She loves having something to grab onto.  My mom made both girls these minky blankies and although Emily has dozens of blankies this is always her go-to blankie. 

9. Baby Breeza and Ice cube trays
I made Emily all of her baby food and I will start doing so with Madi quite soon.  This food processor is amazing!  It steams and purees the food all in one process.  It makes it pretty easy.  Then I can't live without ice cube trays when it comes to making your own baby food.  Forgot all those silly containers they sell at BBB.  They don't work well, take up so much room, and are expensive.  I purchased trays from the dollar store and put the liquid in there.  Once frozen I throw them in a labeled ziploc baggie.  Works amazing.

10. My iPhone

Seems silly but my phone is one of my must have mommy items.  I snap a million photos a day with it.  I use a nursing app that I couldn't live without.  I use the timer on it to prep Emily for nap time, bed time, etc.  I check FB, IG, and Pinterest while nursing. The list goes on and on.  Anyways this is definitely another item I love!

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