Fresno Friday-Jack's Urban Eats

I want to introduce "Fresno Friday" to my blog.  I was born and raised in Fresno and when graduating high school I couldn't wait to get out of town.  I left for LA and it only took about a minute for me to realize that I loved Fresno.  On one hand it's got a big city feel and on the other a small town vibe.  Fresno offers lots of retail stores, restaurants, etc.  I love hot weather so I love the climate, especially because it's a dry heat not humid.  Even though people complain about the heat we really are spoiled by our climate; we never battle humidity or snow.  
Furthermore, the cost of living is unbeatable.  Anyways, I think Fresno is a fabulous place to live and raise a family.  I want to dedicate a portion of my blog to Fresno.  I will talk about things to do in town and new places to try.  Let me know if you try something new and if you recommend that I check it out.
Hope you enjoy!

I've eaten at the new restaurant in Fig Garden Village, Jack's Urban Eats, a couple of times now.  I love that it's fast like Chipotle but offers quite a variety of foods like sandwiches and salads.
The Village is my favorite spot in town so any new addition to the Village I'm sure to love.  Jack's didn't disappoint and I'm sure I will be frequenting here.  
I had the BBQ Chicken sandwich which was really good; the BBQ sauce had a kick to it.  The people I ate with said they enjoyed their sandwiches as well.
I also like that they have a kids menu.  Emily didn't eat off this menu however.  I ordered her a side of Mac & Cheese which was the perfect size for her and then she ate a few of my fries.
I didn't get a pic but they have a huge selection of sodas and they even serve beer and wine, major bonus!
I find the prices to be average and the portion sizes fairly generous.
Check it out! 

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