School Days-August

I can't believe the month of August is over already.  Emily loved her first month at Shining Star Preschool.  She already seems so much more grown up at home.  She's playing more independently and more imaginative play at home which is so cool to see (plus it gives me a break, lol).  Kevin and I had Back to School Night this last week and we just love her teachers, Miss Claudia and Miss Rebecca.  They told us about how the day is structured and all the fun things they have planned.  It's no wonder Em isn't thrilled when I come to pick her up from school:)  Her teacher's say so far she's pretty quiet but always will answer when asked and she's very obedient.  There haven't been any potty accidents (she hasn't had any at home for ages either but you never know with a new environment) and she's come home very clean.  
I know she's painted a ladybug, made a ladybug cupcake, and painted her name.  They're just starting on the alphabet, where they do one letter per week.
Can't believe how big our baby girl is; I'm so proud of how well she is doing.

Miss Claudia and Miss Rebecca- Emily was distracted of course

Emily's first homework of her life!  Putting together a quilt piece for the class quilt that has her favorite things on it.  It has a popsicle, blueberries, strawberries, a toy, the beach, a bike, a momo, and her family.

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