Our 5 Year Anniversary

Last weekend Kevin and celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary!  I can't believe it's been 5 years.  We met during first period the very first day of Freshman year at Bullard High.  We walked into our classroom and the teacher said we had to seat ourselves alphabetically by last name.  This was an ice breaker I suppose because we all had to talk to each other to learn each other's names.  As it worked out I sat directly behind Kevin but a boy walked over and debated that I was in his seat.  If he took the seat I was in I would move to the next row and the opposite end of the room.  I vividly remember Kevin telling the boy he was wrong, that was my seat, and to move to the next row.  He struck me as funny and he pursued me from day one.  However, he called me Amy for weeks and I was too shy to correct him.  We had a mutual friend and Kevin got my number from him eventually.  After months of talking on the phone we made it official on January 4, 2000.
So we've been together 14.5 years.  When I started my first day of high school I never thought I would marry that boy and start a family with him.  It was all in God's plan and we've really got a great life together.  We are truly blessed and I can't wait for the memories to come.

My mom watched the girls and we went up to The Vintage at Chuckchansi Resort & Casino for dinner.  It's such a nice restaurant with delicious food and you feel like you're totally out of town.  Kevin had salmon with the world's best mushrooms and I had filet with with asparagus.  We finished the night with banana's fosters, yum yum.
Thank you mom for watching the girls and for treating us to dinner!

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