Emily's First Day of Preschool

Holy Moly!!!  My baby girl is going to school!  Where did that time go?!?!  I can barely remember what life was like before Miss Emily Grace.  She has filled our life with so much love and laughter and she's already off to school.  I know I'm going to blink and be at her high school graduation.  
Emily is only two and half so we really debated sending her to preschool this fall.  I am super excited about our decision to start her this year.  She is soooooo ready!  Every single day she asks what we are doing and where we are going.  She has to be on the move.  She also loves playing with other children.  Any time she meets someone new she tells us, "Emmy's new friend."  
We've been talking about school for a couple weeks now and she acts super excited.
The second I opened her door this morning she yelled, "Emmy's ready for school!"  When we got to Shining Star, she walked right in and started playing.  We said goodbye and she didn't even notice that we actually left.  She's my daring little girl.

Emily's new backpack with her monogram.

Emily is Two!

I had to include this one just for the pose.

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