Clovis Farmers Market

On Friday night we went to the Clovis Farmer's Market for dinner and fun.  Emily had a hot dog, which is one of her favorite items, Kevin had a corn dog and fries, and I had a huge plate of Nacho's.  Kevin then had ice cream from Fresno State and I made a huge mistake of getting Shave Iced from Glacier Bay!  It was so hot I thought shave iced sounded more refreshing but they were extremely rude and then basically served me ice.  They put a drop of juice on it so Emily and I shared $3.75 ice!  I was so mad. (Can you tell, I'm ranting).  
As we ate our treats we listened to the live band and were totally entertained by the dancing.  After grubbing, we bought some fresh fruits and veggies.  
This is such a treat for a cheap weekend activity.  It's a great place for food, fun,  and sight-seeing.

This is the first suck.  Doesn't it look like we've already sucked a lot of the juice out?  Emily sucked and sucked and barely got anything out the whole time.

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