Swim Lessons 2014

Emily took swim lessons this year at our house thru Bullfrog Swim School. I can't tell you how amazing it was to have lessons at our house, especially with a newborn. The first few lessons our pool was freezing so Emily did not like lessons. It broke my heart to see her so cold and miserable. Once we hit the 100 degree weather she loved her lessons. Her teacher said she was really impressed that she opens her eyes under water and holds her breath really long for her age. She learned octopus arms, blowing bubbles, and even to swim all on her own for a few feet. She loves jumping in. We are swimming usually twice a day now because she loves it so much. 
She's the only kid I know that says, "back up, back up!"  She wants to swim farther and asks us to back up. We've got a fish in the making. 

Learning to jump in with her clothes on in case she ever falls in.

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