Madi 2 Months

Last week Madi celebrated her 2 month birthday.  This little peanut is growing so fast all of a sudden.   At her 2 month appointment she weighed 9 lbs, 15 oz and was 22 inches long.  She gained over 2 pounds in a month!  She smiles a lot now and is starting to show her sweet personality.  
We are on a 2.5 hour schedule in the daytime which seems backwards but this was to get her more calories in the day in hopes that she would sleep longer at night.  Most of the time this works:)  At night she sleeps 3.5-5.5 hours.
 She's getting a bit easier but still using a swaddle, a binkie, a noise machine, and sleeping in a vibrating rock n play (Still using all those props I swore I wouldn't use, lol).  However, she's not crying as much as she was.
She's still nursing and doing much better in that department, thank goodness.

Of course I couldn't capture her big smiles in a photo:

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