The Final Countdown

I have 2.5 weeks left in my pregnancy according to my doctors timeline and less than that according to my sonograms. Emily was born 2.5 weeks early so I keep holding my breath for my water to break! Also my doctor has said for months I won't make it to 40 weeks. 
With all the anticipation that baby girl is going to come early I just know she'll come closer to due date:)

Warning, this post is about reality and not rainbows and sunshine. Yes, pregnancy is a miracle and the "prize" at the end is more than worth it but its no cake walk. 
I don't enjoy being pregnant in the least bit. Especially when I've had a two year old. It's much harder this go around. 
Lets see, first you're sick, have headaches, and are very tired. Then just tired but chasing around a toddler. For some odd reason Em doesn't understand that I just want to watch The Real Housewives and lay on the couch!
After I got over being nauseas I developed gestational diabetes AGAIN! So then you go into starve mode, which makes you even more cranky than just the extra hormones raging thru your body. 
By the third trimester you feel like a whale, you're uncomfortable, you can't sleep, you pee constantly, your ankles are the size of your waist...did I miss any other fun stuff?!?!  Oh yeah because I'm "high risk" with gestational diabetes I have to go to the doctor twice a week with a two year old in tow for a Non Stress Test. I feel like I live there. I also have to go to the diabetes center and I always wait at least two hours:(

My swollen feet for your enjoyment.  FYI this isn't even the end of the day.  UGLY!!!

I'm very ready to not be pregnant (I'm sure you didn't get that vibe yet) but a little apprehensive about having two kids if I'm totally honest. 

I am, however, very excited about meeting our new baby girl. I'm excited for Emily to have a sister, to dress them alike, to cuddle a baby again, to love unconditionally, and witness one of God's greatest miracles! 

We still haven't settled on a name for baby girl #2. So Stay tuned for name and her arrival. Please keep us all in your prayers. 

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