Easter 2014- He Is Risen

Our tradition the past few years has been going to church in the morning as a family and then joining our cousin Karen at Fort Washington Country Club for brunch.  It's the best brunch around!!!  Thank you Karen for inviting us again!!!

Manly Easter Basket-Beer, candy, clothes, and sandals

The Easter Bunny left Emily two Easter baskets.  Lucky girl!

Emily's cousins Jordan and Jillian left Emily two eggs yesterday that they told me to put outside her door this morning from the Easter Bunny.  That was so sweet and touching.  They have such giving hearts and love Emily so much!  The SECOND we opened her door this morning she spotted them and was SOOOO excited!

The Easter Bunny used Emily's toilet last night but forgot to flush.  I wish Emily pooped sweet Jelly Beans too.

She loves her daddy!

Easter gifts from Voa Voa to all of us.

We participated in the Holy Spirit Easter Egg Hunt this year for the first time.  It was a zoo, captured by this pic.  The kids were allowed 3 eggs each but all the parents went with the kids which was too chaotic.

At first she wanted to stand just a foot away from the Easter Bunny.
Only took a moment to get closer. 

Totally happy to see the Easter Bunny now.  She waved bye and blew him a kiss.

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