Yosemite National Park

This weekend was like a "Staycation."  Emily and I did things that were right in our own backyard.  It's so nice to explore what the Central Valley has to offer (and quite cheap too).
You already know we did the Blossom Trail on Saturday, but Sunday daddy joined us on our adventures and we drove up to Yosemite.  You would never know it was March!  Yosemite should be covered in snow but it was so pleasant and gorgeous.  We could still see waterfalls but they are pretty small as you might guess.  Mostly we went for the ride but we also walked to the Yosemite Falls which is a really easy and quick walk (since I'm not supposed to do any physical activity).  Then Emily and daddy just goofed around in the fields and rivers.  On our way home we had a late lunch on the Patio of Jackalope's Bar and Grill at Tenaya Lodge.  Tenaya Lodge is one of my FAVORITE places on earth so we had to stop!  We had a really delicious lunch and enjoyed the warm weather.  Then we headed home.

What a fantastic weekend enjoying the outdoors and local activities.

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