Emily Update

I'm watching my baby girl turn into a little girl and I'm realizing that I'm not documenting much of anything.  It was a different generation that kept journals and wrote everything down.  So I figured I better write in my blog about some things I want to document.  In January we started really potty training even though I was the reluctant one.  Emily showed signs of being ready last summer but to be brutally honest I wasn't excited about the idea of having to pee everywhere we went, gross bathrooms, and possible accidents.  So potty training was nearly 100% Emily driven.  She was the one who wanted to go on the big girl potty.  She barely used the kiddie potty; she almost went straight to the adult potty. Once I put a little effort into it and committed to it Em learned quite quickly.  I don't know exactly when I would say she was potty trained but by the end of January we were in big girl panties with only a couple of accidents.
We also moved Emily to her big girl bed on February 7th.  I was and still am totally SHOCKED by how easy this was.  EVERY transition we've ever had has been really hard (binkies, bottles, swaddling, etc.)  She cried for about 20 minutes the first night but didn't get out of bed, then took about another 20 minutes to fall asleep.  I would have bet money that Emily was going to get out of bed 1000 times before I won the battle but I'm am so lucky, blessed, thrilled, ecstatic that she stays in there.  She's so cute, she talks and plays in there when she wakes up but as soon as I open the door she jumps out of bed.  She waits for me to go in there before she leaves the bed.
Emily took a growth spurt around Christmas time.  From birth she's been wearing clothing much smaller than her age but all of sudden she's tall.  She's wearing 2T and 3T; I can't believe it.
She wears a size 6 shoe but not for much longer.  She weighs approximately 25 lbs and is 33 1/4 inches.
Her favorite thing to do right now is read.  I thought she would never like books but recently she can't get enough of books.  She wants me to read them over and over.  Her favorite thing to do with books is play "I Spy."  She loves finding things in the pictures.
Emily is so verbal and repeats nearly every word anyone says.  I understand most of what she says but I am definitely her interpreter for everyone else.  She talks non stop at home.  There are times I just want her to be quiet if I'm totally honest.  She loves to narrate her every move and everyone elses.  She also forgets NOTHING!!!!  She remembers things for hours, days, and weeks.  She'll tell you all about something from days before.
Some funny things she's said in the past couple of weeks include, "Con-ti-pated (constipated) mama, prune (while holding out her hand for a prune)."  This was while she was going to the bathroom.  Also while on the porcelain throne she says, "Come out poop!" LOL!!!  
Emily is a busy body and hates to be home.  Every single morning when I walk into her room the first thing she says is, "Change."  She wants to get dressed for the day immediately.  Then shortly after that she starts saying, "bye bye."  She'll then run thru a common list of places we go, "Mom mom and papa's house, Voa Voa's house, mommy's office, Costco, Car Car's house, etc"  If I say no we're staying home, she has a melt down.  When we're out running errands, each time we get back in the car she says, "No home."  If I say, "We still have errands," she's okay but if I say, "Yes, we're going home," she starts repeating, "No home, no home!"  She always wants to be on the go.  Just today she told me, "No home mama; shopping."  Uh oh what am I creating?!?!
Our little girl is growing up so fast.  We just signed her up for preschool to start this August.  I think she is going to LOVE it but time is just flying.
I love you Emily Grace!

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