Birthday Trip to SF

This last weekend my colleague and friend Ruthie, gave me a one night stay at The Donatello, San Francisco for my birthday.  My mom went with me and we had such a fun girls trip (no Emily).  On our way to the city we stopped at Hobby Lobby and spent over two hours.  We went nuts.  Fresno seriously needs a Hobby Lobby!!!!!  
When we arrived in the city we did a little shopping and then went to mass at the first cathedral in California.  It was a beautiful church and mass.  We then rode the cable car to dinner at Knob Hill Cafe.  Gina recommended this spot and it was AMAZING!!!!  It is an absolute hole in the wall; there's not even a spot to wait if they don't have a table.  Luckily we didn't wait too long but even if you had to wait it's totally worth it.  I had Spaghetti Carbonara and my mom had a house made spinach, mushroom, and artichoke pizza with a Caesar salad.
We then headed over to one of my favorite spots in the city for dessert.  We enjoyed a white chocolate blueberry bread pudding at First Crush Restaurant.
The next day we were looking for a breakfast spot we ate at many many years ago.  After googling some places we decided it was a place called Dottie's.  When we arrived we knew right away it wasn't the right place.  We stayed anyways since the reviews were so good.  Clearly everyone else read these reviews because we waited an hour outside to get a table.  It was pretty good but not sure it was worth the super long wait!  The best part of the meal was a coconut white chocolate french toast, yummy.
The rest of day was filled with birthday shopping.  We finished our day by eating at the Cheesecake Factory at the top of Macy's.  
On our way home we pulled off at Treasure Island and we just caught the sunset.  Someone gave me this tip and I would have never known to stop here for such an incredible view.  You see the city skyline and both bridges and on a clear, calm day like we had it was breath-taking.
Thank you so much Ruthie for the wonderful getaway!  Thanks mom for joining me and treating me to good eating and shopping!

Cable Car Selfie

Inside Dottie's

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