Let Freedom Ring

We celebrated Fourth of July at our house with a BBQ, where our friends and family beared the almost unbearable heat.  We had such a fun day playing games, racing down the waterslide, shooting off fireworks, and doing lots of eating and drinking.

Thanks to everyone who came!

Here are a few of Em's holiday outfits:

I made this and it was supposed to be worn with an adorable tutu on the 4th.  However, the iron left two spots on the onesie.  I tried to bleach the spots many times.  I did that one too many times because it created a hole:(  Such a waste of time and money.  I was so sad.

Holiday Decor:

Hanging lanterns

I spray painted stars in the grass

Blocks I made

Red Jello Shots

Homemade Star Shortbread Cookies made by my mom to make a flag.  Aren't these spectacular?!?!
I painted this pallet as a flag

This is what it looks like when you try to take a photo of a one and half year old..... (ADD and no smiles)

Emily and her friend Kentyn

Swimming with her Uncle Mike, the best God Father ever!

Charlie's Angels- The undefeated Flip Cup Team!!!!!!!!

Emily's First Sparkler

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