Ho Ho Ho

I am so behind on blogging.... during Christmas I had the flu then I got a cold so I've been MIA lately.  This was the first time in my life I missed most of Christmas.  It broke my heart to not celebrate with Emily because she was really into gifts this year.  But in the scheme of things the flu was not that big of deal.  I didn't have a child killed in Sandy Hook or wasn't seriously ill in a hospital.  There were still many blessings to be thankful for this holiday season.

A few weeks before Christmas we celebrated with Grandpa Dennis in Bakersfield.  We had a fun day playing games, enjoying a delicious meal, and opening lots of fun gifts.

Christmas Eve we always celebrate at Mom Mom and Papa's House.  Kevin and Emily enjoyed a Christmas feast and opened lots and lots of gifts.

 Emily giving her cousin a kiss.
 Then it turns into Baby WWE...

 Christmas morning we went to Grandma Jill's and enjoyed more Christmas spirit.

 Emily got a slide that she just lit up for!

This spring and summer I bet we will spend many hours climbing all over this!!!

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