The Excitement of Picking Out Your First American Girl

When Emily was young my mom and I decided that for her fifth birthday we would take her to American Girl to get her first doll.  We had the best time on her birthday trip we decided it would be a tradition and that one day we would do the same for Madi.  Madi is approaching her fifth birthday and our only free weekend was in April about a month before her actual birthday.  Both grandmas and Madi and I traveled down to LA for one night and had the best time celebrating our sassy girl.

How to Get Baby to Sleep Thru the Night

The weeks or months until your baby sleeps through the night are so difficult.  It's worse if you have other children and / or are working because you can't take the time in the day to rest or even nap.  Not only is your sanity suffering but sleep for a baby is super important and I think it is a skill that parents have to teach to their babies.  In my opinion every baby is different and there definitely isn't one guaranteed way to get a baby to sleep through the night but I also think there are some tips and ideas that definitely help most babies.  This is my third baby and these are the things that I swear by.  Emily slept through the night at 16 weeks, Madi at 10.5 weeks and Jackson just before 6 weeks.  I'd like to say I got better with "training" them but I have to note that each baby was bigger.  I think birth weight affects their ability to eat more and sleep longer.

The Perfect Solution for Snack Time that Kids Love

This post is sponsored by Goldfish® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own

Does anyone else have kids that beg for snacks all day long?  My girls could live on snacks if I let them.  Now that they are in school at least they're not bugging me for snacks 24/7 but they come home famished (I have no idea why) and the first order of business is snack time.  I usually rattle off the usual suspects and they've either already had it in their lunches or they aren't interested.  I'm always looking for new ideas for snack time and when I find a hit I love to share it with you.
This snack is what I'm calling Epic Trail Mix.  I love making a trail mix because you can change up the ingredients to keep things fresh and prevent boredom.  Furthermore, they are always super simple to assemble and don't require any cooking or baking.  The staple "ingredient" in this recipe is Goldfish Epic Crunch Nacho.  My girls, along with any child I've ever met, love Goldfish so when I learned that Goldfish had a new product I knew I had to use them in this recipe.  Goldfish Epic Crunch has a bigger, bolder tortilla crunch with a zesty nacho flavor.  They are baked (never fried) with whole grain and contain no artificial preservatives.  I combined them with rice chex, popcorn and pretzels.

  • 1 bag Goldfish Epic Crunch Nacho
  • 1 cup Rice Chex Cereal
  • 1 cup Pretzels
  • 1 cup popped Popcorn

Combine all ingredients and serve.  Store in air tight container or bag.  Consume within a few days because popcorn will lose its crunch.

You can find Goldfish Epic Crunch in the cracker aisle of your grocery store for an affordable price.  I found them on an end cap so just a heads up to look there as well.  In addition to Nacho flavor you can find Ranch and Honey BBQ.

Since we are in the Easter season I just had to share an oldie but goodie for an Easter-inspired snack.  I filled pastry bags with Goldfish Epic Crunch and tied them with green ribbon to look like carrots.  These are a hit and super simple to assemble.  They are perfect for a fun after school snack or to add to your Easter party/menu.  

The Difficult Emotions of Your Final Baby

My third and final baby is just about to celebrate his half birthday and on one hand I can't believe that he is already six months and on the other, time could not go fast enough.  You hear from everyone, "Slow down, savor every moment, you blink and they will be off to college..."  As a mother of three whose oldest is seven I know first hand how fast time flies but honestly there are so many days where it couldn't go slower.

When I was pregnant with our third we knew this was our final baby no matter a boy or a girl.  But because of a hard pregnancy I just wanted to get through it.  I wasn't enjoying it even though I knew it would be the last time I would feel baby kicks from the inside or the last time I would bond with a baby even before seeing them.  I wanted to savor it but if I'm being totally honest I just wasn't.  So instead, during the pregnancy I kept telling myself that when he arrived I was going to savor it all because he was going to be the last.  If I couldn't enjoy the final pregnancy then I would sure as heck enjoy all the moments of a new baby.  I wanted to soak in the multiple hours of nursing, savor the baby snuggles, and not rush the milestones.

How to Throw a Colorful St. Patrick's Day Breakfast

I was just chatting with a girlfriend about how these are the most precious years to celebrate all the holidays.  Our children are at the perfect age where they light up when the elf moves, the Easter bunny poops in the toilet or the Leprechaun leaves little footprints through the house.  I live for my girls excitement, giggles and smiles when they find a special surprise and as someone who has always loved all holidays I take advantage of any opportunity to capture these moments.  

For almost every major holiday I create a little special breakfast for my girls as a way to celebrate.  Sometimes the girls get a little gift but not always but either way they always are so elated.  I like to keep these breakfast parties simple but fun.  Kids do not care how much money you spent or how many hours you needed to prep; they just want the joy and the special attention.  I share these with you so that you can be inspired and tackle it yourself.  I promise it is easy peasy.

How I Lost Baby Weight with The Bar Method Fresno

I had my third baby in October and I took the new year to start working on self care.  I really wanted to lose the baby weight and tone up but I also wanted to have something for myself that was an outlet.  My motivation at the beginning was all about my outward appearance but what I learned was something far more important than how I looked.  I had no idea that I could enjoy working out; I never have in my entire life.  I've always been on a fitness roller coaster.  I give it my all for awhile and then I do nothing for months on end.  This is the first time that I wake up and look forward to working out and am doing my best to find a time each day for some exercise.

Losing Weight After Baby

How to Spring Clean for Lent- Donating & Giving Back

Spring Cleaning

A girlfriend of mine gave me this idea that I tweaked and just had to share with you.  The Lenten season began last week but didn't we just celebrate Christmas and New Year's?!?!  I'm not sure how time flies faster and faster every year.  In case you are not familiar with Lent it is the season between Ash Wednesday and Easter.  Lent is a time for prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  This idea focuses on almsgiving which is donating your time, talent or treasure.  You remove one item from your household every day of Lent to donate at Easter (donating your "treasure").  My plan is to donate from my closet, dresser and items around the house but also to involve my girls.  I will be asking them to select items from their toys or clothes at least once a week.  At the end of Lent you will have nearly 50 items to donate to your favorite charity of choice.  Keep your "treasure donation box" somewhere out of the way but in a place where everyone in your house can see it and so as to be reminded to add to it every day.

This kills a few birds with one stone; spring cleaning, almsgiving and teaching your children about the importance of giving back.  I'm going to use this to spark me to purge and organize all the closets in my house.  I suggest finding one item every day but then at Easter taking it to another level and doing a deep clean/purge.  By Easter you will have decluttered and organized your closets and drawers.  I don't know about you but purging our house gives me a refreshed and clean feeling.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning