Shopping is My Cardio

Anyone else still suffering from the Christmas hangover?!?!  I haven't wanted to move from the couch all week!  I keep seeing all these posts about resolutions (my own coming soon) and I'm feeling guilty because not only have I been sedentary for a few days, I don't have any fitness plans on the books.  Instead, shopping is my cardio (aside from chasing rascals all day).  During these cold winter months it can be a bit more challenging to stay fashionable and warm.  Also when I have a full day of shopping or running errands I have to keep it somewhat comfortable so I can last the whole day.  I wouldn't survive without booties this year.  I'm trying to figure out how in one point in my life I only wore pumps every day of my life... oh that's right I was younger!  Anyways booties are one of my go-to shoes along with OTK and riding boots.  This Chevron print sweater vest has also been on repeat for a few weeks.  It adds just enough warmth and brings all the style to this otherwise plain look.  The basics underneath are my favorite black skinny jeans and a black tee.  I always look to my purses to complete a look; they are one of my favorite accessories.   If you're overall look is simple a purse can make all the difference; just like in this case.


  1. What a beautiful dress! Perfect way to celebrate your holidays.I've been blogging 5 years and only have so less posts than you, you've blogged up a storm in these years! :)

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