How To Style T-Shirt & Jeans: Fall Edition

It doesn't take a lot of creativity or a lot of money to create a stylish look.  I'm wearing the most simple items: white tee and skinny jeans, and showing you how to style them for the fall.  In this first look I've added a blanket scarf and over-the-knee boots.  These are two of my favorite fall accessories and these in particular are in colors I love right now: chestnut and warm tones.

The second look is inspired by the 90's.  I've wrapped a flannel long sleeve tee around my waist and paired it with my favorite taupe suede booties.  I didn't change the foundation of the look or the jewelry just a few accessory pieces and I have a totally different look.  The first look is better suited for a cooler day and the second is great for our typical fall days here in Fresno.  Invest in fun accessories and keep staples in your wardrobe.  This way your clothes aren't going out of style every season and you're stretching your dollar.  It's much easier to change the accessories than the whole look.

What's your favorite fall accessory?


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