Floral OTS Romper

I just returned from almost a week in San Diego for the California Association of Realtors business meetings.  It was a productive and informative week and it's always nice to get away for a short bit.  I get a break from being woke up by little fingers and loud voices.  I don't have to bathe anyone but myself and I don't cook a single meal!!!!  The break is always nice but I sure do miss my hubby and girls!  In fact, I think the time away is essential because not only do I recharge but it makes me appreciate them even more.

The week away brought cooler weather; the mornings are brisk and the afternoons quite warm.  This romper is perfect for this type of weather.  It's not too hot for long sleeves but it's still light weight for the fairly warm weather.  I'm still loving prints and I know I won't be giving them up this Fall.  I like a chocker for OTS and this wrap choker fit the bill.  Considering the details on this romper I prefer to keep the other accessories, like the shoes, simple.  What's your Fall weather like?  Do long sleeve rompers cut it or are you already in chunky sweaters and boots?

Lessons for My Daughters

There's nothing like being a parent to make you feel like a failure.  That may sound like a harsh statement but I believe that is the TRUTH!  Parenting is the hardest job in the world but by far the most rewarding.  Despite it's bountiful rewards it's downright frustrating, trying and hard.  There are so many days that I feel like I'm not being the best mom I could be.  There were too many times that I yelled or such little time that I spent with the girls completely undivided.  But I believe as parents, especially us moms, that we're our own worst critics.  Let's agree that we need to give ourselves a pass and even a pat on the back.  With all that parents have to juggle we're all just doing the best we can.  All I can do at the end of everyday is just pray for His guidance and strength.

As a mama of two girls there are some things that I think are my responsibility to teach them.  Of course many lessons and values are passed from not only mom but also dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, peers, etc.  I just want to share with you things that I hope I am teaching my beautiful girls.

1.  Trust in God in all things.  Pray in everything, turn to God not only in scary times but in thankfulness and happy times.  Don't worry.  Work hard to advance in life but don't get overly concerned about material items and status in life.

2.  Success has nothing to do with money or career.  Don't measure your worth by either of those items.

3.  Family first!  Always protect your own, fight for them, stand by them and forgive them.

4.  You don't get to choose your family but you do get to choose your friends; choose them wisely!  Your friends should cheer you on, laugh with you, cry with you...bottom line they should support you.  There is no competition amongst friends.  Friendship has seasons; it is okay for a relationship to sunset.

5.  Life isn't fair or equal.  You don't get A's in every subject, you don't always make the team or play first string.  You can't always win.  Don't be a sore loser, play and work to win but be humble whether you win or lose.  Respect your opponent and congratulate the winner even if you don't like them.  

6. You aren't the center of the universe.  You earn respect, it isn't guaranteed.  You are not inherently better than anyone else.

7. Don't strive for perfection, just do your best.  Some days your best is greater than the next day.  Your best is perfect!  Along those same lines, don't worry about making mistakes.  Mistakes help us learn and grow.  

8.  I am your mom first, not your friend.  Sometimes you will not like my discipline or my decisions but I ALWAYS have your best interest at the forefront.  I hope that one day we can be the very best of friends but I will always be your mom first.

9.  Your faith and your values are two of the very few things that can't be taken away from you no matter.  Develop them and stay strong.  It's not easy standing up for your beliefs but do it anyways.

10.  Respect and love yourself first.  Don't compromise YOU for anyone else.

My sweet, sassy and smart girls, I love you more that you will ever understand, you are my world.  I will always be here for you; to listen, to hold you, to love you.  God bless you and keep you.

These gorgeous photos were captured by Elisabeth Kate Studio who specializes in film photography and loves shooting precious family moments.  You can find more info on her website.  Thank you Elisabeth for preserving these moments for my girls and I.

Strike!!! Bowling at Bowlero

We've always loved bowling so we were so excited to check out the renovations at Bowlero AMF Bowling Alley recently.  I've bowled for decades at this bowling alley and was blown away at the transformation.  The decor is a retro throwback with a modern twist that was completely inviting and entertaining.  I felt like I was in a large metropolitan city like Los Angeles and super impressed I was in my favorite small town of Fresno.  

I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't expect much from the food from the bowling alley but you seriously would not believe the Bowlero menu.  The bartop at our lanes were set for our party complete with decor, drinks and grub.  Just like the venue decor, the attention to detail was superb.  For snacks we enjoyed the Alley Sampler and Sprinkled Ice Cream Sandwiches.  The sampler is perfect for getting a little bit of everything and making everyone happy.  In my book there is no fun without a little sugar and the Sprinkled Ice Cream Sandwiches were definitely a hit!  The mamas enjoyed happy hour with the Berried Alive Lemonade, Boarding Pass and Dunk Tank Cocktails!  All were sweet and delicious.  I could see some serious fun with a couples date night!  

The agony of waiting for something sweet!  The struggle is real!

After some serious fun on the lanes you can enjoy the arcade with lots of games for young and old.  For the adults there is even a bar and billiards.  If you're looking for some serious fun with a wide range of activities you must check out Bowlero.  It has something for every age and perfect for everything including a playdate, birthday party, date night or holiday party.

Bowlero is located at 6450 N. Blackstone Ave. Fresno, CA 93710

This is a sponsored post.  As always all opinions expressed are honest and my own.